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The First complete learning system for non-verbal communication!

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80% of communication is non-verbal!


Learn to use all aspects of communication instead of just 7 %. Try a proven system and dont waste your time!


Exclusive Real-Life situation pictures and videos, no cartoons.

Easy to learn

Learn to read gestures, postures, positions and distance at the same time.

BodyChats vs Words

Many people believe BodyChats is a novelty. In fact, words are defined by other words. But what do those words really mean? BodyChats is proven to give meaning to words (Lauren Guilbeault, LMHC,  Psychology Today).

Non-verbal interaction allows for words to come alive by exposing a person’s attitudes and emotions (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Words can lie but BodyChats cannot support those lies (Researchers at University of California, Berkeley).

Build well trained workforces

  • The cost of poor Communication results in a loss of $420,000 per year for companies

  • Train your Sales Reps and Consultants to observe and reply more effectively

  • During the Corona-pandemic people increasingly forgot to communicate efficiently when meeting other people

  • Effective communication lies at the heart of every successful business


Make progress with a proven system

  • BodyChats works with an interactive system

  • There are 4 definitions (cues) which express 9 emotions of non-verbal language

  • You will only be able to read bodylanguage if you know those clusters

  • Learn on any device at every time and place

  • Be one step ahead of your competitors

Dollar Bills

Your investment opportunity

  • psychology is based on facts

  • protected by US copyrights


  • profit from the growing tech-education market

Trust in experience

The BodyChats system is based on years of experience. Founder and CEO Andrew Gateriewictz worked for various companies and was a Guest Lecturer at the prestigious Wharton Business School of the Universy of Pennsylvania. In his life he created DVD-Collections and books on the topic of non-verbal communication and also gives seminars about efficient daily communication.

After years he decided to put all his effort into one App.

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