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The Team

Who We Are


Andrew Gateriewictz

Founder & CEO

Andy has over 35 years of experience in Sales Management and in Sales Training conducting Seminars for various big firms. He published DVD Collections about Body Language and authored the book "The Unfinished Work Week". His work has been recognized as an authority in understanding and using body language throughout the selling process. His work in this field is protected by U.S. Copyrights.


Markus R. Schneider

Chief Technical Officer

Markus has gathered experience in the fields of the use of financial instruments and commercial law behind contracts at Ernst & Young. During his work at Korthäuer & Partner, Markus held inhouse-seminars about insurance companies in regard to the IFRS. He finished his Bachelor with a thesis about the new IFRS 16. Later he worked in the Corporate IT Department of HOCHTIEF to set up the latest MS Office Enviroment on the european servers of HOCHTIEF. Additionally, he prepares pupils for the final high school examination. This is where he noticed how important efficent communication is.


Alexander K. Lachera

Project Manager

After obtaining his Bachelor's degree in International Business, he decided to take a closer look at app development and to work on BodyChats. During his studies, he was an intern at the auditing and tax consulting company Korthäuer & Partner. In this internship, he contributed to writing a book about transfer pricing among dealing with other tasks.

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