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How BodyChats works

Bodychats uses a revolutionary concept to teach the user to identify and grasp other people´s non verbal communication better.

While progressing through the Bodychats elearning app, you will likeley feel that you already have a better idea of what people really want to communicate. Because BodyChats uses pictures of real people with accurate descriptions of their non verbal communication, the users will be able to apply what they have learned on real life situation where it matters. Specialists testify that every human can learn how to spot a lie. It´s just a matter of training.

  • Clear structure for different emotions
  • Explore and repeat knowledge
  • Train your skills with quizzes
  • Translate the true message
  • Dont rely on the verbal language
  • Analyze people based on a
      4 Definition System

"Translate" the True Message

In order to identify the true message of what the person is saying, you need to interpret the definitions gestures, postures, positions, aspects as per the BodyChats system. This includes micro expressions. With this app for learning non verbal communication you will also learn to spot relevant micro expressions with real examples. Only when you look at the 4 definitions, you will be able to detect the person´s true message because not only the plain body language (gesture, posture) is important. What matters also is the persons position to the person/object as well as how far they are standing from it.

Train with daily Sessions

Regular training with the Bodychats app will strongly improve your perception of non verbal communication. This will help you in your day-to-day life as well as at work and in general when conducting business with other people.

We recommend to train with BodyChats once a day for at least 15-20 minutes in order to have a good learning experience.

  • Train daily whenever you want
  • Be one step ahead
  • Increase your sales skills
key features

Protected by US copyrights

Our system is protected by 3 copyrights. It helps us to prevent plagiarism. The copyrights are the following:




White Pillars

About the Concept:
The 4 Definitions










“BodyChats is more believable than words    . . . turn intuition into facts”

​Many people believe BodyChats is a novelty. No proof beyond intuitive feeling. In fact, words are defined by other words. But what do those words really mean? BodyChats is proven to give meaning to words

(Lauren Guilbeault, LMHC,  Psychology Today) .

Non verbal interaction allows for words to come alive by exposing a person’s attitudes and emotions

(National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Words can lie but BodyChats cannot support those lies

(Researchers at University of California, Berkeley).


Andrew Gateriewictz

BodyChats can improve work- effeciency and reduces misscommunication which costs lots of money

Markus Schneider

BodyChats can help universities and schools to teach for real life


Alexander Lachera

BodyChats is a product that improves overall harmony in conversation

The following are samples of BodyChats facts

  • Eye blinking rate is controlled by the brain’s Globus Pallidus.

  • The rate crossed legs bounce up/down is controlled by the brain’s amygdala.

  • BodyChats is a universal language (Kreung Research by Thalia Wheatley of Dartmouth College).

  • BodyChats has 5 times the impact of words (Pease/Pease; Michael Argyle; Ray Birdwhistel).

  • Women have 4 times as many behavior evaluators than men, which makes them more intuitive (study by University of Cambridge).

  • BodyChats has the same inborn gestures across multiple cultures (Darwin, Ekman, Freisen and Sorenson).

  • The brain’s mirror neurons are responsible for copying another’s actions (Giacomo Rizzolatti, University of Parma, Italy).

  • "Real" smiles have a positive effect on people around you (Ruth Campbell of University College of London).

  • A liar´s smiles are faster and last longer than a genuine smile (Paul Ekman, Psychologist and Professor at University of California).

  • You have a greater ability to translate eye signals than the body (Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge University, England).

  • Men use their body, not face, to express attitudes (G. Calden, R.M. Lundy and R.J. Schlafer, Journal of Consulting Psychology).

  • A person looks up when recalling something they saw (Grinder and Bandler of Neurolinguistic Programming).

That’s why you have to know BodyChats

  • Placing the impact of non verbal communication at 93 percent has been deemed a little high, however, so a safer level is thought to be around 80 percent—which is still quite an impressive figure. This means that only 20 percent of the impact of our communication is from the words that we use.”   (Raymond H. Hull PhD Wichita State University)

  • Memories: 86% is BodyChats; only 9% are words (Paul C. Lauterbur/Peter Mansfield, Nobel Prize 2003)

  • BodyChats has 5 times the impact of words (Pease/Pease; Michael Argyle; Ray Birdwhistel)

  • Attitudes are recognized by BodyChats; not words

  • Emotions are recognized by BodyChats; not words

  • Understand what a person is saying with BodyChats; not words

BodyChats uncovers the true meaning of words!

Don’t just learn 7% of the conversation.

You must learn the 80%.

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