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Why use online dating? To find someone special?

Did you know, U.S. Research shows online dating is dangerous for 38% of users.

Couple Enjoying Picnic

Facts about people using online dating:

  • 10% of sex offenders

  • 3% of men are psychopaths

  • 60% of all online profiles are either inactive or faked

  • 53% of people lie on their dating profile

  • More than 25% are rapists

  • Internet predators that commit over 16,000 abductions yearly

  • 100 murders yearly

  • Thousands of rapes annually

Only four dating apps contain substantial safety procedures that go beyond basic guidelines and rules for users!

• Bumble implemented artificial intelligence to blur explicit images that require consent to view

• Hornet implemented blockchain technology to verify user identities through transaction histories.

• Tinder offers users:

  • the ability to share with others details about a date, including the identity of their date and the time and location

  • an in-built function that triggers a discreet alarm to dispatch emergency services if required

  • offensive message detection—machine learning algorithms detect potentially offensive or harassing messages which provides the recipient to report the occurrence

  • information about support services that can be contacted after they have filed a report with the platform about the conduct of another user

• Both Tinder and Badoo have also implemented photo verification, which compares photos taken in real time (selfies) with profile pictures to verify a person’s identity

To protect yourself, identify the attitudes and emotions of a person without a word being said.

Understand how to combine the meanings of gestures, postures, positions and distance to KNOW

if a person is dangerous.

These “safety measures” are implemented AFTER a dangerous event.

BodyChats can provide you information to act BEFORE a dangerous event!!

Non verbal communication DOES NOT support verbal lies!

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