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Video Conferencing

The cost of poor communication worldwide is $40 Billion per year! 

Do eLanguage Learning Apps teach effective communication or poor communication?

Online Workshop

  • Bad meeting organization leads to a loss of over $399 billion  per year

  • Video meetings improve productivity by 50%

  • 90% of people find it easier to get their point across on video.

  • 76% of employees use video conferencing for remote work.

Looking at the future of video conferencing, 63% of employees think video conferences will be a wider used format compared to artificial reality and virtual reality. Additionally, 55% believe it will be more important than automation and robotics.

​Seeing someone and being seen helps you get your point across.  As much as 89% agreed this practice helps complete projects or individual tasks faster, as it reduces the need for emailing back and forth. Workplace collaboration statistics show nearly all respondents thought there were improvements in communication and better collaboration when video conferencing was used.

The reason? A conversation is 80% non-verbal and only 7% verbal!

Users use their intuition (hunch, feeling) to determine attitudes and emotions. This can lead to poor decision making because intuition is not fact based.

Enter BodyChats and turn intuition into knowledge. Make the correct decisions!

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