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Effective Communication

30 Million People Attempted to Learn a New Language In 2020

Do eLanguage Learning Apps teach effective communication or poor communication?

Michigan State University professor of Linguistics, Shawn Loewen claims, “If you teach people explicitly to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules, most people will learn that,” he said:

But it’s much harder to take that knowledge and translate it into the ability to use language — to speak it,
understand what you’re hearing, and respond in an appropriate way.

The eLanguage Learning industry, EdTech, is growing at 10% per year and is near to $27 billion.

Online language learning companies like: Babbel, DuoLingo, Rosetta Stone, Busuu, Yabla and Mango are especially good for learning vocabulary and phrases. Researchers think they’re better for beginning to low-intermediate students.

To understand attitudes and emotions of words, a person MUST become adept at using non-verbal
interaction. The science of body language. Non-verbal communication is often more subtle and more
effective than verbal communication and can conveys meaning better than words. For example, perhaps a smile conveys our feeling much easier than words.

Definitions of words are only words describing a meaning.

Meanings are determined by attitudes and emotions of people speaking or listening!

Nonverbal communication is a little harder to decode than verbal communication. In addition to thinking of what you are going to say in the new language, you must be observant of the speaker’s gestures, postures, positions and distances to decode the message being conveyed.
And like words in a sentence, you must decode the gestures, postures, positions and distances all at one time to form a truthful translation. Otherwise, like words, meanings will be taken out of context and the translation will be wrong.


Ninety percent (90%) of both business and personal disagreements are do to poor communication. In
fact, the cost to businesses globally is $40 billion!!! You will be using the new language in business and personal situations. Why is it important to understand both verbal and non-verbal interaction?
If you are on vacation, no one will say, “I am going take your money.”
If you are negotiating a business deal, no one will say, “I just took everything you have.”

Learn words of a new language. Then understand the attitudes and emotions when the words are spoken.


Combine BodyChats with Babbel, DuoLingo, Rosetta Stone, Busuu, Yabla and Mango to eliminate business and personal disagreements!


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